Beringia, the bridge that unites us on the path to success

In remote times and thanks to the ice age, there was a territory that united Asia and America, known as the BERINGIA bridge. As a result of this geographical union, different cultures, ways of doing things and thinking from both continents, merged, generating significant change that accelerated the global expansion of humanity. If it had not been for BERINGIA, perhaps the two cultures would have taken years to come together and human evolution would most definitely have been very different.

Beringia unites entrepreneurs and investors to evolve

As if we were an area of land between two continents or an outstretched arm ready to help, BERINGIA was born with the aim of contributing to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, that which truly adds value, as we believe that combining different ways of being, seeing and thinking is the key to going further.

We don't just invest,
we are Smart Money

At BERINGIA, not only do we invest financially, but we do so by providing multidisciplinary knowledge and experience across all areas of a company.

We support entrepreneurs so that they can focus on achieving their goals and offer professional support in those areas in which they or their teams are less competitive, thus ensuring a greater guarantee of success.

We participate in decision making

Making certain decisions is not easy, and the entrepreneur is often a specialist in the development of an innovative project, but not so much in business determination. This is where BERINGIA brings more than just investment and adds the significant professional experience of its investors in the resolution of strategic decisions to the entrepreneurial project, offering an external vision, participating in decision making in order to facilitate growth and contribute to making the business profitable.

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